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Facilities Pictures

Various pictures of BCLL’s facilities

BCLL Marquee BCLL Marquee The Bennett’s Creek Little League Sign and ”Dream Big” Bat that welcomes people to the Driver Sports Complex. By: Webmaster Date: 03/29/08 Driver Field #1 Driver Field #1 Field #1 at Driver (looking from atop the board room stairs), where Minor Baseball is usually played. By: Webmaster Date: 03/29/08 Diagram of the Driver Sports Complex Diagram of the Driver Sports Complex The Driver Sports Complex, located behind Driver Elementary School, with five fields. By: Webmaster Date: 05/01/07 The Bagley-Stewart Memorial The Bagley-Stewart Memorial The David Bagley and Shane Stewart memorial, two BCLL teammates who passed away in their youth, near the third-base line on Field #4. By: Webmaster Date: 05/01/07