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Please e-mail me by clicking here if you experience any problems or have any suggestions or comments (by the way, I'm also the Information Officer) and a BCLL parent of three (baseball and softball) since 2003, and a Board Member since 2006.

About This Site

The main design is entirely css-based -- there are no tables or frames, and no Javascript used in rollovers. I got the concept of separating style from substance from css Zengarden. The website was designed to be able to enlarge text up two levels and has been tested with the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer™ (PC) ver. 6.x - 7.0.5x
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The graphics on this site are original, and were produced using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. This website is officially ClipArt Free! Also, Macromedia Dreamweaver is being used for some authoring, but mostly for site management.

Our HTML and CSS Pages have passed W3C standards.

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In case the primary website fails, and for backup purposes, I keep a mirror site here: Click there and bookmark it if you are so inclined.

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Recent Updates:

What are these ’Bots, you ask? Well, they are a collection of programs I made in an ancient programming language (Microsoft™ Visual Foxpro™ 6) to quickly and semi-automatically generate custom HTML code for schedules, scores, and lists for the BCLL website.

Second Anniversary!

It has been two years since this new format was launched on March 19, 2007! Since that time, we’ve had about 1529,000 hits and 152,896 visitors. Almost all the planned features for the Bennett’s Creek Little League have been added for this website and the community. Thanks for everyone’s continued support and encouragement!

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The list of planned upgrades:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Section
  • Safety Information
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Thanks and Personal Dedication

Thanks to:

  • Adobe Systems and their Creative Suite 3
  • Apple, Inc.
  • Microsoft FoxPro and Excel
  • The 2005 BCLL Coach-Pitch Marlins and Coach Robert
  • The 2006 BCLL Boys Coach-Pitch Yankees and Coach James
  • The 2007 BCLL Boys Minor Cubs and Coach Al
  • The 2007 BCLL Girls Minor Blue Jays and Coach Chris
  • The 2008 BCLL Boys Coach-Pitch Nationals and Coach Lane
  • The 2008 BCLL Boys Minor Braves and Coach Al
  • The 2009 BCLL Girls Minor Patriots and Coach Derick
  • The 2009 BCLL Coach Pitch Pirates and Coach Rob
  • The 2009 BCLL 9-10 Softball All-Stars and Coach Andy
  • The U.S. Armed Forces and Merchant Marine
The work on this site is dedicated to the memory of Kenny Mogul (1966 - 1977)
and Thurman Lee Munson (1947 - 1979)
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