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Board Members

2010 Board Members Contact List

To initiate an E-Mail, please click on the desired member’s position.

Please be respectful with your calls and make them before 9:00 PM. Thank You.

For anyone wishing to attend the next board meeting, please submit your request to the league president so it can be placed on the agenda.

Position Name Phone Cell President Jennifer Lozano 714-3742   Vice President Lance Kitchens 538-3911 375-0011 Secretary Jeff Gamble     Treasurer Don Dykes 809-0392   Player Agent - Baseball Lorri Kitchens 375-0853   Player Agent - Softball Lori Perez 288-0740   Director of Operations Position Open     Building and Grounds Frank Ittel 232-3471   Director of Ways and Means Al Moor 934-8643 514-7023 Equipment Director Bill Clark 483-2813   Commissioner of Baseball Sandon Rogers 488-8531   Commissioner of Softball Regina DeBusk 630-2339   Information Officer John Spears 538-0938 376-8475 At Large Dianna Edwards 465-2614   At Large Al Gilmore 438-4143   At Large Jeff Parker   469-0760


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